Wednesday, April 2, 2014

"Feeling off" Day

Supposed to pack for book in tomorrow, apparently today just can't get anything going. Sometimes i just wonder how do i repeat this process every alternate week. It's mentally tiring to expect yourself to be disciplined and orderly. Nonetheless, i believe i need to seek strengths in different things every dismount. It has been close to 30 mountings already. I see batches after batches leave. Soon it's going to be my batch. I don't say this a lot but, last 7 months, let's go!


Monday, October 14, 2013


As usual, its always a good to reflect on stuffs during a shower.

I dont really get whats with girls and their love issues nowadays. I think most of the time, they are so caught up in wanting to be part of the happiness of having a special someone that they are so blinded by it. Indeed, love is blind. And when they have some problems with their partner, they pour their emotions to the world on social media and it seems like the world is crashing on them. I mean like please, get a hold on yourself. U wont die yet, though i know u girls thought u all will. Some of u are not even my close female friends but seeing u all getting all hurt and stuffs is just too torturous on yourself? Im sure theres much more in life more than getting into a relationship so desperately right?

On a side note, im pretty pissed by my current schedule for this dismount. Like come on, dont ask us to go back to camp and do physical training man. We just want to rest after a good long 7 days in camp. And in the morning we have to go through all this traffic jams along the way to camp. How encouraging is that for a monday morning lol.

Nevermind, we'll see how this whole thing turns out~

Thursday, October 3, 2013

The 12th dismount

This is my 12th dismount since i started my mounting days. Weeks in and out passed by in a flash.

This dismount i spent more alone time with myself. No particular reason but just felt like doing so. Went to catch a movie, Detective Dee. Not a too bad show, but not that impressive also but i'm fine with the overall presentation of it.

On a side note, i managed to push my 2.4 timing down to 11:30. It was a great achievement. Nonetheless, shall see how much more can i get the timing down to.

Coming dismount will have the SNSD concert to look forward to! I'm not really a person that looks forward to stuffs in the future because nobody knows what changes might happen in the coming future. This is a constant reminder to myself that the present should be cherished and not taken for granted.

Alright, it's mounting day again tomorrow. See u when i see u!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Speak my mind.

Kind of really sleepy right now. Shall head off to bed after finishing this.

Went back to secondary school today to visit the teachers today. Most of them looked really pleased to see us. I guess when we go back, they knew that they are of some inspiration to us in a way, that's why we took time out to visit them during the point of Teacher's Day.

I think this dismount even though i had some time off for myself, deep down i was actually struggling with my inner self. It sort of carried on during the previous mounting where some unpleasant stuffs happened in camp. Even though it was not related to me, it affected me a little in a way i guess. I just didn't like the idea of people not showing teamwork during mounting. It's the little stuffs that people ignore that i take it as a way of 'can't be bothered' attitude. Really, the attitude of some people towards certain stuffs is just f*cked up. I really cannot imagine why some people will look at stuffs in a way that i totally won't do so from their perspective. Should i say they are too simple-minded? Or they just simply can't be bothered?

That aside, failing my IPPT was just kind of de-motivating. I got too nervous to the extent i couldn't run in a comfortable place for my 2.4km run. My arms and legs just lost their energy even before i started. That moment onwards i knew i was screwed. Yupps, and the result proved so, failed by twenty seconds. Hearing news that we couldn't do a re-test is just...

Next was i got news that my Taipei trip in November won't be able to take place due to my leave more or less won't be approved. I won't go into details on why is that so. It's just some army regulations/directives that explains this. I'm not saying it's their fault but in some ways the system is carried out, you just can't understand the way some things are being explained. I was really looking forward to this trip because it is going to be my second solo trip. And Taiwan being Taiwan, it's always a comfortable place to be in after experiencing it with a couple of friends in March last year. The purpose of this trip was supposed to be a relaxing one plus going to some of the places i haven't went previously. Worst is my air ticket was already being booked and then this kind of news came in, that isn't very encouraging right.

Last thing, Girls Generation concert happening next month. Didn't manage to secure tickets to their concert in Singapore due to me being in camp when public sales opened up. I'm not a super hardcore fan of them compared to some of the other people but the idea of going with a couple of like-minded friends and having fun and all at the moshpit just kind of excites me you know. I just want to like experience going to their concert at least once, and of course seeing Hyoyeon exuding her dance swag like she always does. It was supposed to be one of the best days of 2013. But oh well~

Tomorrow is mounting day and this mounting will definitely be quite shag due to some events going on. I just want a peaceful mounting with no weird people doing weird stuffs and creating unnecessary trouble. And then we dismount on the following Thursday feeling all happy to go home and enjoy our time to ourselves.

Till the next post when i see this space. Eyes are already half closing. Time to knock out!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

A weekend.

Its the weekends, on the side note, also my 9th dismount~ Spent my Saturday cycling at East Coast Park with a couple of khakis. It was a short cycle but it was time well spent too :)

Was watching some videos on Youtube. Saw some video about the Air Force One airplane and there was a link at the side which talks about Russia's toughest prisons. I must have been crazy to click on it because its such a depressing video. I don't know how i still managed to watch it for 30 mins.

So far this dismount has been pretty good. Celebrated a close friend's birthday and just having good rest for myself.

National Service has been kind so far. I wouldn't trade to be at any other places at the moment. Although i'm not a specialist nor an officer, still proud to be a man. During BMT, SGT Elliot said that the perspective of NS is to have a purpose. I found my purpose in NS, which is to earn the respect for my unit, and most importantly for myself.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Woes of aging, something we might not realise when we are really in stage of aging, bring trouble to people around us. But we still need to learn how to give in at certain times. When it is our turn, we might expect people to give in to us too.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Mind of a NSF?

One of those nights, u tell yourself, "Hey, isn't there anything in my life currently that's going the way i want it to be?"